Dealing with Murphy’s Law and the run on Guns and Ammo [reposted]

Dealing with Murphy’s Law and the run on Guns and Ammo

(My post from Texas Glocksman from March 22nd 2013)

I learned to shoot a handgun from my grandfather, who was an ex-deputy sheriff and highway patrolman on his S&W 38. I shot Ruger and S&W 357 and 44 mag revolvers through my teens and early twenties. My friend and I wanted to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, so we shot often and became very good with those weapons.

Life Happens

In 1984, I was offered a job as a Lab Tech for the Water Department. A few years go by, I get settled in my career and I stopped shooting and sold my guns. I never saw a reason to own a handgun or the need for a Concealed Handgun License. I always lived in lower crime areas of Dallas, I had some street smarts and I always thought that the Police are there if something went wrong.

My Eyes Were Opened

In November of 2012, after an incident with an intruder, I found out how naive I had been with that kind of mindset, when local police took over 30 minutes to respond to my 911 call. I was very fortunate that this intruder was just high and looking for a place to crash and was not a serious threat. He ran when he saw the lights of the police cars coming down the street. [when they finally showed up] Even though, I was in a building with a security fence, a security system with video and perimeter alarms, and that supposedly was on a high response list by the dept. of HLS. If this intruder had bad intent in mind I would have been injured or dead.

Glock-31I realized that couldn’t rely on a security system or law enforcement to protect me. I went on-line and started to research handguns and Concealed Carry. I decided on looking at Glock and Sig Sauer Semi-Automatic Pistols. I ended up deciding on Glock. I really liked what I read about the .357 sig caliber ammunition for semi-automatics and started looking at the Glock 31 and the Glock 32. I almost bought a Glock 32 that a local gun store had on sale, but decided to wait until after Christmas or maybe even after I got my tax refund back.

December 14, 2012, the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary happened and the fear of gun bans and gun control legislation causes a run on guns and ammo. Now, I’m in the market for a pistol in the absolutely the worst time in the history of America to be buying guns and ammunition. I go back to my local gun store after Christmas money in hand, they had marked up their Glock pistols by a $100. Also they had No Glock 31’s or 32’s. The Dallas Gun Show rolled around a couple of weeks later. I couldn’t find a Glock 31 or 32 for under $650. Most new Glock pistols were selling for more than $600. I wasn’t about to get gouged for pistols that were selling for $425 – $500 prior to Sandy Hook. I left empty handed and decided to do more research.

I started reading forums [ I highly recommend the Glock Forum] and looked for some good information and leads on local gun shops that weren’t gouging people. I was able to find a used Gen 3 Glock 31 in mint condition for $375 @ GT Distributors.

So, now I have my pistol and I decided to get some training. Though I was very comfortable firing revolvers [25 years ago], I had absolutely no experience with semi-auto pistols. I did some more research on Gun Ranges and Handgun Training. I found a gun range that was a half mile from work that was highly recommended and they also offered several different levels of Handgun Training. The first open slot for their Defensive Handgun class was five weeks away. I was hoping for a class sooner than that so I could get started, but I decided to wait. Three days prior to the class, someone shoots a tracer round inside the range starts a fire and the Gun Range pretty much burns to the ground.

So, I went back to the Internet and found and signed up for a class with Big Boar Tactical based about 30 miles North of Dallas, near the city of Aubrey, Texas. They offered the exact training I was looking for and the one to one instruction that they offer was just what I needed to get started. I plan to go back for their intermediate course and get my CHL through them as well.

I received an email from the gun range that burned down, they hope to have the range rebuilt by August for a Re-Grand Opening.

Now if I could just find some ammo.

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