The Second Habit of Highly Effective Shooters – Grip – via Center Mass Group



By Chris Sajnog

Your grip is your connection to your weapon system. Without a good grip, your weapon will go to the path of least resistance and your shots will fly aimlessly off its mark.  Most novice shooters will grip their gun by copying what they’ve seen in pictures or movies, but there’s a better way! Don’t follow Hollywood, think outside the box – hell, ACT outside the box and you’ll tighten up those ugly shot groups in no time!


The most important part about griping your gun correctly is selecting a gun that fits your hand.  Guns are built to a variety of specifications and so are your hands.  It’s a good idea to start off with something that fits your hand rather than try to adjust your grip to fit a gun.  Head out to your favorite Gun Mart before your purchase a gun to see how it feels in your hand.  Some guns these days have different grips or back-straps you can change out for a better fit, so check to see if these are available.  The gun should fit comfortably in your hand with the forearm of your firing hand in a direct line behind the pistol and your trigger finger should be able to reach the trigger without dragging along the side of the gun.  We’ve all heard the saying, “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” When it comes to guns, “If the gun doesn’t fit, you’re not going to hit.”

To

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