SBPH-107 SIG P320 CARRY VS SIG P320 Compact

SBPH-107 SIG P320 CARRY VS SIG P320 Compact

In response to some feedback and questions I have received on the differences between SIG P320 CARRY VS SIG P320 COMPACT to help the confusion on the re-branding of the Compact and introduction of the new version of SIG P320 Carry.




  • Thank you for clarifying for me the difference between the “Carry” and the “Compact.” Sounds like the difference between the two is negligible except for mag capacity and the corresponding size of the grips. Now all I have to do is choose between the black or the flat earth color. Does the flat earth color come offered in the TacOps package?

    • The TACOPS is from what I can tell is just the full sized with these mags
      You can probably come out cheaper buying a regular Full Sized or Carry sized, Regestrating your warranty online and calling Customer Service ordering those mags & using 20% code you got Regestrating your pistol.
      Finding a FDE P320 Carry sized will be tough, in fact I haven’t seen one, but what you can do is buy a P320 compact in FDE and buy P320 Carry FDE grip module from SIG’s on-line store

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