Jeff Gonzales weighs in on using the Glock 43 as a Primary Concealed Carry Weapon

For the last several weeks I have been running my Glock 43 as primary, where normally it is reserved as backup only. I wanted to get a better feel for the versatility of the platform; which meant in all my daily activities.


The Glock 43 has been a huge success in the sense of providing consumers with an ultra-compact, reliable and accurate pistol ideally suited for concealed carry. During our classes we define a primary carry pistol having a minimum magazine capacity of ten rounds. The idea behind our choice is simple; multiple threats. The larger magazine capacity will hopefully provide sufficient ammunition to defeat the multiple threats one may face or best case, more than enough for a isolated threat. It is becoming the norm to see multiple attackers so planning for this contingency requires greater thought into your pistol selection.

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