Personal Defense

It’s always been a disputed issue among shooters on whether or not to use shooting gloves.  In my opinion the answer is easy; it’s all about shooter preference.  And branching off from that if you so choose to operate with gloves then choosing the right glove is critical just like any other piece of gear you put into play when you cross the threshold or jump the gunwale for the action on objective.  For me I choose to operate with gloves and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time conducting some good old operational tests and evaluations (OT&E) on various gloves available on the market.  I’ve not only taken them to the range and CQC houses, but I’ve taken many types on deployment and used them during VBSS boardings.

So the remainder of this article is going be about what gloves “I liked” and the reasons why I liked them.  I’ll break each glove down into manufacturer, primary material (palm surface), comfort/fit, operability (use while shooting), durability, drying time for us salty maritime operators or when sweat becomes a factor (air dry only) and cost.  Each category will be rated 1 through 10, with 10 being ideal.  I’ve literally tested out somewhere around 25 different gloves but to keep this short and sweet I’ll focus on five pairs.  The ones that I’ll be going over will be Oakley’s “SI Assault Glove” (black), Blackhawk’s “Aviator OPS Glove” (OD Green), Mechanix “TAA Original Glove” (black), 5.11’s “TAC AK2 Gloves” (black) and Hatch’s “SOG-L50/L75 Operator Shorty Tactical”.

To Read More and See the Glove Comparison 


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