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Military Arms Channel tests popular 9mm Defensive Rounds VS several types of Barriers

9mm Defensive Load Barrier Tests! Military Arms Channel Hornady 135gr Critical Duty VS Federal 124gr HST VS Underwood 90gr Xtreme Defender VS Speer 147gr Gold Dot

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SBPH-108 Q&A and a Channel Update 09-11-15

SBPH-108  Q&A and a Channel Update 09-11-15 In this webisode, I answer some viewers questions and update my viewers on my Health and the channel. SAI SIG P320? The Sig Armorer & GrayGuns upgrades on the SIG P320 I am no longer using Freedom Munitions Ammo Switching to Underwood Defense Rounds Note: I meant Underwood’s Xtreme Defender Ammo not their Xtreme Penetrator

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