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Five Must-Have Tools for Combat via Center Mass Group Blog

I recently posted a list of my Top Five Must Have Weapon Systems for Navy SEALS. I came up with that list when my good friend and bestselling author of Target America, Scott McEwen asked me for my top-5 weapons. Since I’m a believer that we are the weapons and we choose which tools we will use in battle, my response contained things such

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SBPH-20 My Review of the SIG Sauer MK 25 Desert

SBPH-20 My Review of the SIG Sauer MK 25 Desert In this webisode, I review the SIG Sauer MK 25 Desert. The SIG Sauer MK 25 pistol is standard issue for the Navy Seal Teams. I picked up this pistol from Gun Wurkz in near San Antonio, Texas for a really good deal. Note: The MK 25 has a Military

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ARMORER CERTIFICATION – SIG SAUER PISTOLS (CLASSIC) May 13th-14th  Wichita Falls, Texas – $415.00 Factory Armorer Certification P220, P226, P228, P229, P239  Duration: 2 days / 16 hours  Overview: Introduction to SIG SAUER pistols Examination of the SIG SAUER Safety System Disassembly and assembly procedures: slides, frames, magazines A thorough examination of all pistol operations Inspection procedures Troubleshooting Operational function checks

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